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PDO consistently provides high quality planning, mediation and subsequent management of real estate properties.
Our speciality is providing ‘value-add’ real estate investment opportunities, which aim to go beyond the basics such as explaining the age and location of properties to provide a more supportive, personalised service.
For example, PDO’s specially trained staff look beyond the superficial qualities of properties and focus on the things that truly make a good living space such as natural building materials and homes which consider all aspects of a potential resident’s life such as their health status. By looking at and co-ordinating factors such as these, we can improve the individuality of private lodgings and ensure that value of your original property investment only goes up!

  • real estate sales
  • renovation of
    rental housing
  • development and
    management of
    rental housing
  • development of
    private lodgings
    and hotels


Company Property Design Office Co., Ltd.
Representative Rintaro Kikuchi
Established 2002
Capital stock 3 million yen
Member ship The tokyo real estate public interest incorporated association.
National association for real estate transaction guaranty
  • Medication for buying and selling real estate.
  • Medication and management for real estate leasing.
  • Planning, designing and for constructing property.
  • Planning, designing and management for hotel and private.
  • And carrying out necessary duties.
License Governor of Tokyo (4) No.81197
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菊Rintaro Kikuchi

CEO Rintaro Kikuchi

He was born in Tokyo 1973.
After working at CIA Co., Ltd., Kitayama & Co., Ltd., and Stream。
Co., Ltd., he established Property Design Office Vo., Ltd., in 2002.
He is working on development, planning, designing, leasing, and
shopping complex, shops, houses, and
accommodation facilities.
Residential land and building transaction chief, second-class architect.


  • 03-3957-1661
  • info@pdo.jp